Nevo4 is a team of professionals,

With services developed by us used by thousands of clients.

Use a product-based approach and modern project

Management techniques to deliver quality results.

2 devops-engineers
7 programmers divided
3 system administrators
Unit Design:
Layout, animation, design

Our technology base:

proxmox linux postgre redis react
mongo node rabbit kafka sf

Our products

Front platform b3
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  • User registration
  • 3DS: SMS, GoogleAuth, KeyStore, email
  • KYC user survey
  • User management
  • Role models for system users and administrators
  • Notification system
  • Mobile platform b3 Android/iOS
  • Message queues
  • Encrypted file storage
  • Separate data access
  • Multilingual interface
  • Load balancing
  • Middleware Firewall
  • Integration with CRM systems
Our platform offers a wide range of possibilities for integration with all kinds of products. Technology stack: ReactJS+Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, PostreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Reddis.
C3 crypto processing core
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  • A versatile constructor for quickly creating a complete crypto product, with all the necessary add-ons included:
  • Developing a trading platform with a clear interface
  • Get a user-friendly working platform in a short period of time
  • Integration of CRM and manager profiles
  • Configure the work within the team in a way that suits you
  • Extensive possibilities in foreign exchange transactions
  • Customise your currency selection: select payment gateways, currency pairs, download rate charts to save you time
  • Transparent analytics
We pride ourselves on staying up to date with Crypto Tools and applying it to our product. Our team is motivated to improve our product daily.
Tax consulting and accounting services
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  • Role-based system
  • Integration with the IBAN/SWIFT/S&S data validation API
  • Automatic system for checking transactions against the destination vocabulary and sanctions lists
  • Integration of Forex exchange rates
  • Support for crypto-fiat operations
  • Flexible and up-to-date payment model and system balances
  • High transaction processing speed
  • Extensive user management capabilities
  • Report designer
The payment core allows us to organise a payment service for our clients in a short period of time. We are planning a PCI DSS certification for the software solution soon.

Our projects


Our partners



Design integration of information systems
XenServer, ProxMox, Windows Server virtualisation systems
office system
Office Systems: Windows Remote Desktop
Conducting safety, performance and compliance audits
communication systems
Communication systems: IP telephony, mail systems, messengers